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    Are you looking for an expert ant infestation exterminator in Geelong? Pestico Pest Control Geelong offers amazing and reliable services to eliminate the ant from your venue. We also have a sensitization service for COVID-19 virus prevention. Our team for all pest control is trained and professionally qualified to remove ants.

    If you have noticed signs of an ant infestation in your home, contact Pestico Pest Control in Geelong immediately. Our experts will guide you with expert solutions and exterminate all the ant infestations.

    Pestico Pest Control in Geelong is a leading specialist in pest control and we use the most modern strategies and solutions for eradicating ants. Our eco-friendly and effective all-therapy approach.

    Ant Infestation Symptoms

    The appearance, or apparent sights or the movements of ants on your property are the most noticeable indicators of ant infestation.
    If you happen to find occasional sightings in the kitchen of a swarm of ants, it is possible that they have infested your kitchen and can nest anywhere in the kitchen.
    For the movement of ants from outside to within, search for ant pathways. Ants leave pheromones which attract other ants and follow the food trail.
    Within your house, basement, greenhouse, or cupboards, look for ants' nests. Different species of ants make nests of various kinds and at different locations.
    There will be a nest for common ants that will look like a small pile of soil or mud. In the garden you can see very small round specimens of soil that can be a sign of ant nests.

    Let Your Ant Invasion With A Simple Ant Treatment Become Part Of The Past

    From building damage to infection of sustenance, ants will certainly be in abundance of a nuisance! To dispose of an intruder, execution the ants you see out in the open will do tiddly. Their markers for the mixture will remain and others will simply come to have their place. Pestico Pest Control is a reputable name that will provide you with the best facilities to control ant pests. The cause of an outbreak will be detected, their nests destroyed or handled and full eradication of ants from your property will be given. Hire Pestico Pest Control today and within a day, get rid of ants. We can have a secure and powerful team that will help you everything.

    Do Ants Harm Humans?

    Typically, ants do not affect humans in a significant way. If you take an ant in your hand, for example, it will wander around your hand but not bite you or hurt you. However, it is the red ants that are toxic. In humans, their stings can cause pain.
    Nevertheless, the fire ant bites inject venom that can be very damaging. It may also contribute to anaphylaxis in a human. In certain cases, if a large number of fire ants bite the same person at the same time, it may lead to serious anaphylaxis and death as well.
    Most ants that invade your homes aren't directly harmful, but they disperse germs that make them indirectly harmful and dangerous to your family.

    Are Ants Annoying You? Will You Like To Get Rid Of Them?

    Just few Steps to get effective ant control in Geelong.

    • Thorough Inspection
    • Consumer Support
    • Efficient elimination/eradication of ants
    • Personalised Service

    Detailed Screening

    A significant step in understanding the precise location of ant infestation is a thorough review. You need to follow their origins to find the ant-nests. Ants appear to leave a pheromone trail from a confirmed source of food so that their food supplies can be identified easily by other ants.

    Near the doors, carpets, window frames, and connected kitchen areas, you need to investigate. If you want to investigate these ant sources outdoors, you need to search for them around the foundation walls and vegetation areas. You can quickly discover ant tracks if you have vegetation around your walls and patios. You can also look at less-visited sites to find Geelong Ant Control: Other Methods

    Other methods of clearance of ants in Geelong

    Outdoor ants may also come for food within the house. In order to remove the gateways to your home rooms, you should cover their openings and caulk cracks and even the crevices.

    To clear the chemical pheromone trail, you need to clean the entrances of your home with detergent. The residual insecticides that are non-repellent, such as FUSE Insecticide or Taurus SC, can then be sprayed around any corner, perimeter and entrance.

    Apart from this, ant baits can be an efficient measure of ant control you can take. In the form of gels, stations, and granules, these baits are available. They are related to active ingredients based on sugar or protein/grease-based active ingredients that attract a number of ants and then efficiently kill them.

    You need to know that there are a lot of carpenter ants indoors and outdoors throughout the afternoon and evening. You have to control their actions and then add spray or bait to the surface. To decrease the chance of an outbreak, you may also use a non-repellent insecticide.

    But if the ant infestation does not stay in your control, immediately contact our licenced pest controller and employ our expert solutions.

    Our ant control experts in Geelong will guide you with preventive tips after completing our ant treatments to safeguard your home from ant attacks and to negate the possibilities of repetitive infestation in your home or outdoors.

    Geelong is a reliable and leading ant controller for Pestico Pest Control and we follow safe and secure methods to eliminate ants from your house. So immediately communicate with us and make an appointment now.


    What is the effective way of getting rid of Ants of Fire?

    Regular ant management and control is necessary in order to avoid the re-invading of ant control.

    How will my kitchen be ant-free?

    If you want to treat ant infestation, you must be well aware of different kinds of ants and their varied controlling methods.

    How frequently should I call for professional help?

    Experts must be hired twice a year.

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