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    If you have bees around your home or office, then they might give rise to much trouble. They are common pests who keep flying in vicinity of their hives and are generally seen in spring season. Some bees like honey bees or hornet bees who sting humans can give rise to allergies, swelling or irritation on your skin. Our proficient bee controllers employ advance methods and remove the bees without killing them. We understand that bees do productively contribute in our ecosystem hence we find it important to shift them in a safe place without killing them. This takes off the nuisance from your premises and also assures that there is no unreasonable harm to the bees. Also, we take complete care that none of your family member, neighbor or pet animal is bothered during or after our services.  So are you noticing increased amount of bees around your residential or commercial property, then give us a call now and schedule an appointment right away.

    Read On To Know How We Can Help You In Staying Safe From Bees.

    Our professional bee controllers at Pestico Pest Control Geelong take plethora of measures to ensure that your neighbors, family members and pets are safe during the bee removal process. We can handle all types of bee hives in your home as well as in office premises.  Our proficient team utilizes variety of customized methodologies for eliminating the bees attack from your property. After the treatment, our experts shift the beehives in other location and keep them secure in a much secluded location where no one harms them and they too cannot harm anyone. Besides this, to make sure that there is no bees infestation in your area afterwards, our experts can provide you with preventive tips.

    Mainly, our focus is on shifting the bees and eliminating the nuisance which they cause in human localities. However, in case if we find out that the condition is grave, beyond our control or if the bees behave aggressively as a reaction; then we have to employ fog treatment as the only alternative.  This is inevitable for protecting our experts from getting hurt.  Generally, our expert bees control services in Geelong are performed during nighttime to avoid any damage to bees and also individuals. Also, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions which are totally harmless.

    Our expert professionals are extremely skilled and competent as per industry standards. They are well trained and can also offer effectual bee control services in Geelong.

    Here Are Some Ways To Prevent Bees Infestation In Geelong

    Firstly, you need to keep your property and premises clean through vacuum cleaning. Also you need to clean your dust bins and dust pans and clean them using disinfectants.
    Also, you can choose using adhesive methods for eradicating the eggs and bees in case it is out of control. You can throw those adhesive bags away at a long distance from your property premises.
    You can cleanse the entire area with hot water of upto 60-degree centigrade temperature. This will help you to eradicate bees from the affected areas. However, remember that you need to apply sudden heat and not slow heat for optimum results.
    Also, bees can be eradicated by keeping the affected fabric in a freezer for about 11-12 hours.
    One can try using the cryonite or peppermint for removing bees. It is a eco-friendly method for bee removal in Geelong.
    However, if the bee infestation is out of your control, you can utilize expert and professional help in Geelong for bees removal. However, make sure that the pest control firm which you hire is certified by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).
    Eradicating the bees is a difficult thing and if you handle it wrongly, then it can lead to eruption of bees and also cause harm. So ensure that bees are eliminated in a timely manner.

    Pestico Pest Control Geelong is a trustworthy company for bees removal in Geelong, We can deal with all kinds of bees and also remove them totally.

    Why Should You Hire Us?

    Our bees removal services in Geelong are undertaken by experts within a fixed timeline.
    Pestico Pest Control Geelong has a team of expert beekeepers for ensuring safety for our customers during the process of bee removal.
    We offer trustworthy and affordable bee removal services in Geelong.
    We focus on relocating the bees to a safe place rather than killing them.
    We have a substantial experience in offering skilled bee control services, Pestico Pest Control Geelong can be an ideal alternative for eradicating the nuisance of bees from your property. Also you take expert consultation for preventing bees infestation in future. So if you have found bees infestation in your home or office then give us a call now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do if I am stung by bees?

    You need medical treatment if you have got a bee sting. You can experience some swelling, pain and inflammation.

    Which types of bees are found in Australia?

    Commonly found bees in Australia are stingless bees, green carpenter bees, and yellow & black carpenter bees.

    What should I do to get rid of bees?

    You need to connect with a bee control service immediately for eliminating the peril of bees sting.  Call us now and book an appointment.

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