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    Fleas Control Geelong– Fleas behave very differently from other pests that disturb our lives, fleas are fascinating insects. In addition, fleas do not harm humans and only feed on animals such as dogs and cats. By vibration, fleas identify potential targets. They can’t climb really high, and they can only crawl above a particular height.

    Importance Of Flea Control In Geelong

    Although they crawl on our skin, fleas do not bite humans but may irritate you. The fleas are pretty little bugs but the female ones are huge as compared to their counterparts.  In addition, they have spines and hairs that point backward and have spiky legs. These traits help them hide in between animal fur and move from one victim to another as well.

    Flea infestation can be a cause of concern when you have pets in your house. The pets scratch themselves more than usual. This is a clear identification that your house is infected by pests. The irritation and the consequent allergies are concerning, which immediately calls for Pest Control Services.

    Threats Of Flea Infestation

    It is vital to take care of your beloved pets in the best possible manner. When we have pets, it’s a major responsibility because it’s only us that they rely on to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

    Pets do not always stay indoors and need to go outside and socialise, much like humans. They can get infected from their friends, or from a stray animal. Fleas infestation, however, occurs very quickly and routine checks are therefore important to make sure that they do not suffer from any such outbreak.

    Fleas are not dangerous to humans, but if they happen to bite you, proper medical attention is needed. You may face breathing issues and swelling of the face, mouth, hands, and lips can be potential reactions.
    Pets are more likely to get illnesses from fleas. Maybe they also get tapeworms. Via their pets, even humans can get the same.
    Flea Allergic Dermatitis or FAD is a disease that can cause your pets tremendous pain when it becomes itchy and can also develop pus bumps that may lead to hair loss.
    Anemia, due to flea infestation, is a common disease in cats. This can become serious and life threatening if left untreated.
    Humans can be afflicted with severe illnesses as well.

    Popular Types Of Fleas In Your Home Or Estate

    Cat Flea

    Cat Flea lives within the fur of cats and feeds on their blood.
    Wingless thickness, 3 mm long, flattened from the edges. They have thin legs that are long and help them jump.
    The areas where cats normally rest, including their baskets or crates, are mostly occupied.

    Dog Flea

    Adult dog fleas inhabit in dog fur and thrive on their blood. They can often bite humans.
    Adult dog fleas are brown in colour and, after a meal, can turn reddish black.
    They can range between 1mm and 4 mm. Dog flea larvae are off-white and can measure up to 5 mm in colour.

    How Will Flea Bites Be Identified?

    Flea bites on humans results in pain, discomfort and annoyance, but your pets can also be tortured by flea bites. If any part of your body is continuously scratched by your pet cat or dog and you can see them biting that part, which can be an indication of flea bite.

    It’s possible to find flea bites on humans and you can experience itchiness and redness around a flea bite. Flea bites are tough to distinguish, as many other insects may leave tiny itchy bite marks.

    Compared to other bug bites, flea bites appear like brown or red tiny bark that is less swelling. Once you recognise the flea bite, you can take help from experts of get away with flea bites. Full care and elimination of fleas from your pets and homes will be offered by Pestico Pest Control. We have comprehensive knowledge of various types of flea species and provide appropriate flea control.

    How To Avoid Fleas In Geelong With Flea Control?

    Preventing the fleas to enter is rather than treating a troublesome illness is often a better idea. Ensure that you inspect your pet’s fur correctly to ensure that you do not get flea infestations. There are a few strategies for Flea Control Geelong below:

    The first step is to vacuum rooms, carpets, holes, crevices, and upholstered furniture.
    By producing a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius or above in areas where they breed, it kills fleas and bugs alike. Use a comb to clean your pet's fur and consult a vet.
    Ensure that you do so outside and away from your home when disposing of the vacuum packet. Without opening, it is best to incinerate it.
    Grooming and trimming your pet’s fur is of utmost importance
    Certain natural remedies are also beneficial. Mixing apple cider vinegar with water and spraying it on your pet's flea infested hair, which will bounce off the pests.
    Diatomaceous Earth or DE, which is harmless, is a very effective non-chemical therapy. By dehydrating their bodies and killing them, DE effectively kills fleas.

    If the above-mentioned approaches fail, employ experts to get rid of the infestation of fleas. Pestico Pest Control is a well-known Geelong specialist in flea control. In addition to that, our proficient technicians shall help you with flea extermination with eco-friendly products.

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    How will the number of fleas in my house be reduced?

    Daily house vacuuming will contribute to managing the population of fleas in your property.

    What is it that attracts fleas?

    Fleas are drawn to hot and humid areas. So, even in your home, they may invade your backyard.

    Why isn’t killing adult fleas the only way to get rid of them?

    Since adult fleas make up just five percent of the total flea population, their killing will not help.

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