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    Possums are creatures that stay in tress and appear to be harmless and cute.  However they can make your life annoying if they enter your homes. We at Pestico Pest Control Geelong make sure that they are controlled or removed from your premises.  You must know that possums are protected species and cannot be killed. So, we make sure that they are not killed, but are removed in a safe and effective manner.  Our experts can evict all kinds of possums from your premises.  So as soon as you notice that there is a possum infestation in your property, give us a call right away. You can book our services for the same day or emergency possum removal in Melbourne.

    Somethings which you need to know about possums

    Possum faeces carry bacteria which can create flesh-eating ulcers.
    In case a person gets exposed to the faeces of the possum, then he/she can suffer from functionality disability.
    It is illegal to kill a possum. So, it is important to take outmost care while removing them.
    These animals have a weak immunity system which can make them harmful for you.

    Dead Possum Removal Service Geelong

    At times, possums die in your premises by consuming eating rabbit baits, or by getting attacked by cats or dogs. Moreover, you can also spot the carcass of possums behind the wall. In such cases, it is tough to find a dead body of the possum.

    You can call our professionals right away who are working 24×7 hours. We can take away the dead possums with complete security. For this, we utilize the best possible method for removing possums from your premises. So call us today and eliminate the dead possums without causing any damage to your property.

    Common Indicators Of Possum Infestation

    Possums feed on your fruits and vegetables in the yard. So if you notice any damage in your garden, then it might be an indication of possum infestation.
    In case you spot possum droppings in a covered place, then it can indicate an infestation.
    These animals are nocturnal pests which create a screeching noise. So if you hear such voice, then it might be an indication for possum infestation.
    Presence of possums creates a foul smell. You can identify their existence through this smell.
    Possums tend to make marks with their claws or tail. You can check for such marks and connect with the professionals right away.
    Possum eyes shine in the darkness. So if you see such a shine during the night, then this might be an indication of their infestation.
    In case you see a bite on your vegetation and outdoor furniture, then this can be an indication of possum infestation. They tend to sharpen their teeth by biting on plant or tree logs.

    Locations On Which We Offer Our Services

    At Pestico Pest Control Geelong, we offer effective removal possums from any type of premises. We can reach out to any area of Geelong with a team of certified and qualified technicians. You can enjoy the best service at the most affordable cost.  Our experts provide possum removal treatments to locations like-:

    • Residential premises
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Industrial locations
    • Commercial locations
    • Schools and colleges
    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Government offices

    Get Same Day Possum Removal Services Geelong

    Pestico Pest Control Geelong offers same day possum removal in all areas of Geelong. Our dedicated experts employ advanced techniques to control or remove possums from your property.  Our solutions are organic and we focus on maintaining 100% customer satisfaction through efficient services and best results. We know the importance of customized services and understand what our clients need from possum removal services in Geelong.  We also know that living with the possums is difficult and annoying. But, you need not worry about that. Trust us and get rid of the unwanted possums instantly.

    What are the instant steps which you need to take in case you see a possum in your premises?

    Firstly you need to observe and recognize the entry point of the possums in your property.
    Once you find their entry points, you need to close them immediately so that they do not find their way back to the property.
    These creatures have a tendency to mark their territory with a specific smell which they secrete from their glands. So in case you notice any such type of odour in your surroundings, then get that space disinfected till no smell remains back.
    In case you are successful in trapping a possum, then you can relocate them in some hanging wooden box or in hollow tree logs.
    Block the entry spots of your home to negate the possibility of possums entering again.
    Maintain proper light in all the dark places to keep them away from your space. As possums are nocturnal, they will get discouraged after seeing the light.
    Chop of the tree branches which are overhanging.
    In case you wish to carry out any type of repair work, then the most appropriate time is to it at morning as these possums will come out searching food.

    Why Choose Us For Possum Removal Services In Geelong?

    • We provide fast and efficient possum removal service.
    • Our team provides emergency and same day services.
    • We see to it that the pets and kids are safe during possum removal process.
    • We are equipped with vast experience in possum removal.
    • Our staff uses advance and latest techniques for controlling possums.
    • We ensure 100% client satisfaction.
    • Our experts have complete accreditation and certification from the government for possum removal and control.
    • Our team has experienced, skilled and friendly professionals.

    So, call us now and book our possum removal services in Geelong for safeguarding your property.

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