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    Many families and businesses face problem of rodent infestation in their home or office. They are attracted to your properties in search of food and water. Not only yours, but rodents are found in almost all the cities and suburbs. Not just to health, but they can also be harmful for your finances. They can cause severe problems like miscarriages, stillbirth or other pregnancy complication. Also, who can forget the mouse plague which had attacked Australia in year1993, Also, another rat plague in the year 2010 had damaged about three million hectares of crops in different regions of Australia. Here are the three prominent types of rodents which are eliminated by our services.

    • House Mice
    • Garden Rodents
    • Brown Rats

    Rodents have repetitively affected humans and have led to unreasonable losses. So, it is eminent to comprehend how rodents can be dangerous for our society.  Our team at Pestico Pest Control Geelong is qualified to eliminate rodents from your home or office. Here are some reasons why you need to choose our services

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    Probable Threats Of Rodent Infestation In Your Property

    Rodents can sometimes lead to fire lit up by nibbling the electrical wires.
    Mice and rats consume lots of food and also spoil it through feces, hair, and urine.
    Rodents can destroy your belongings like books, furniture, structures and also electrical appliances.
    Additionally, rodents can spread infections in humans and animals. They transport lice, fleas, ticks, and mites and leave food droppings in our home or office.
    Rodents are responsible for spreading dreadful diseases like rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, Hantavirus, jaundice, trichinosis, salmonellosis, and pulmonary fever.
    These creatures can cause damage in any place like hotels, supermarkets, farm fields, homes and offices. Rodents are generally working in night and damage your stuff.

    How Can You Recognize A Rodent Infestation In Your Property?

    Here are some indications which can help you to recognize rodent infestation in Geelong.

    Sight of droppings

    If you spot the rodent droppings which are smooth and have pointy ends and pellet shape, then this is an indicator of a rodent infestation in your property.


    You can start looking for probable rodent tracks which leave the mark around that particular area.  They are much easily traceable on surfaces having dust. Also you can check for by applying a coat of chalk dust or your talcum powder.


    Rodents tend to travel through a same route in search for food.  During this time, they tend to leave about 50 mm wide runways which can be indicators of their existence


    Rats keep chewing everything down with their incisor teeth. So, in case you observe any holes in ceilings, walls, trails then there are chances of rodents visiting your place.


    Burrows can be seen in the walls, fences, and stuff which is kept under the buildings, woodpiles and concrete slabs.

    Grease Marks

    These creatures have oily skin which leaves behind the grease marks. So if you notice any such marks, then it is an indication of rodent infestation.

    Rattling sounds

    Although you cannot see rats, still you can sense their presence through their rattling sounds.


    You can spot or smell the rodent urine in a room and recognize their infestation in your home.

    Partly eaten food particles

    Although rodents eat away all the food, still they might leave behind some partially eaten food. You can use this as a sign to determine rodent infestation in your home.

    Alive or dead rodents

    Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures; however in case you spot a glimpse of rodents during daytime, then this is a clear sign of rodent infestation.

    How Can You Keep Rodents Away From Your Home?

    We have always heard that precaution is better than cure. It is true even here. Keeping the rodents away from your property is a must.

    As rodents are fond of hiding in yards and gardens, you must target these places and start cleaning all these areas. You need to throw away the trimmings, logs wood to make it difficult for the rodents to settle down in your home or office premises. Here are some ways to ensure that your property is rodent free.

    Keep a check on the entire perimeter of your home or office and make sure that there are no gaps left in the entry or exit. You should seal all the exit points and make sure that your property is not targeted by the rodents. Also keep checking electric wiring, cables, pipes, windows, and doors. You need to seal all the entry and exit opening with the wire mesh, sheet metal and tin pieces.
    See to it that water is not logged as it will attract rodents.
    You can use rat traps for eliminating the rats and mice. These traps can be thrown away from your place.
    Finally, if you feel that all these ways and methods are not working well, then you can call our experts home and seek their help for eliminating rodents. At Pestico Pest Control Geelong, we provide effective rodent removal and control treatments in Geelong at best price.

    So quit the hassle of removing rats and mice from your property and trust our experts for this job. Call us now for a express booking. If required, our experts will examine your property and also give you some preventive tips for keeping the rodents away from your home or office.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do dead rodents lead to bad smell?

    Yes, dead rats and mice can give rise to foul smell.

    Do you offer other pest control services?

    Yes, at Pestico Pest Control Geelong, we deal with all pesky pests and help your properties clean and pest free.

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