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    The pests known as Termites belong to the taxonomic type of cockroach and they consume wood, soil and animal dung. Usually, their infestation in properties can cause heavy losses for furniture.

    At Pestico Pest Control Geelong, you will get advance and organic termite control treatments in Geelong which offer the best possible results. Plus, they are safe for your family and your pets as well.

    These are some of the indications which point towards termite infestation in your home or office.

    Banging sound-If you listen keenly through your wooden furniture, you might hear a banging sound. This is nothing but the sound of soldier termites banging their heads against the wood to make holes and consume it.
    Tunnels in wood-Have you seen any tiny tunnels in your wooden stuff? Well, this might be a sign of termite infestation.

    Here Are Some Of The Common Types Of Termites

    • Subterranean Termites
    • Drywood Termites
    • Dampwood Termites
    • Formosan Termites
    • Flying Termites

    Pestico Pest Control Geelong employs a multi-step procedure for ensuring best termite control in Geelong. Read about our procedure

    Termite inspection

    We install termite monitoring systems to check if they have attacked your property.  Through this procedure, you can ensure that your property is safe from termite attack.

    Termites dusting procedure

    In this procedure, you need to hire skilled professionals who can deliver best results.

    Chemical soil procedure

    Herein, a specific chemical is spread on the soil surrounding your floor. This helps to eradicate the unwanted termites.

    Termite Baiting

    This is an organic method for removing termites. Termite baits are generally used for removing the termite built up inside a specific construction.

    Read The Following DIY Termite Removal Methods In Geelong

    Make sure that your garden is clean and grass is cut neatly.
    Check whether you have a water leakage in your home or office.
    Ensure that there is no moisture or humidity built up in your home or office.
    Choose a property which has proper ventilation.
    Things like overflowing hot water or clogged drainage are enough for attracting the termites. So make sure that there is no such condition and clogging in your home.

    In case you have placed your furniture leaning towards the wall, it can work like a bridge or a runway for termites to enter your house. Also this timber attracts termites. So ensure that if you are stocking timber outside the house, then it should be stocked on bricks as it will prevent termite infestation.

    Read On For Knowing About The Indications Of Termite Infestation

    In case you see any winged creatures around your home, then those can be termites.
    In case you notice any bubble like structures in the wooden surface, then it can be a sign of termite infestation.
    If your wood feels hollow, then it can be due to termites.
    If you notice any mud tubes on external walls of your property, wood beams or crawling spaces, then this can be due to termite attack.

    Here Is How Our Termite Control Services In Geelong Can Help You

    Pestico Pest Control Geelong is a professional firm which has expert pest controllers who offer advanced pest control services in your home or office. We provide you with a express booking having comprehensive plan for removing termites. Also, we execute this plan wisely and make sure that the results are efficient. Additionally, our experts will provide you with preventive tips for ensuring that you do not get termite infestation in future. With our professionals at work, you can be assured of best results.

    What Are The Processes Of Staying Away From Termites?

    Keep a check on your yards

    If you see any holes surrounding the trees, stumps, or timbers in your vicinity or yards, then this can be a spot of termite built up. You can connect with our expert right away and call them for treating that particular part. This will help you to prevent further worsening of conditions. However, do not handle it yourself, as if mishandled, you can invite the entire termite colony in your property.

    Regularly check the timber products in your property

    You need to keep a keen check on any kind of problem or imperfection in the timber products in your home. If you see that there is a tiny hole from which you can poke your finger, then it is a clear indication of termite attack. In such cases, you can use a masking tape for covering the holes, if they are less in number. If you find that there are multiple holes, then it is best to throw the piece away and call our experts for carrying out the further examination of your property.

    Check your property at least once a year

    A detailed examination for termite protection is helpful for preventing and controlling the termites in Geelong.  For example, you can place a chemical blockade in soil for preventing termites.

    You can carry out the above given steps for termite removal in Geelong. However, if you feel that the conditions are out of scope and control, and then call our experts now.  We at Pestico Pest Control Geelong, have a vast experience in performing pest eradication treatments in Geelong. So, call us now and get outstanding treatment at affordable prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are termites and white ants same insects?

    Yes, however ‘termite’ is a more accurate name and is used commonly.

    What do termites feed on?

    Yes, termites feed on wood, soil and animal dung. They can cause severe damage to your furniture.

    I’ve found Termites in my home, what should I do next?

    Initially, do not disturb them or handle them. Thereafter, call our experts from Pestico Pest Control Geelong and let them carry out the necessary treatments.

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