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    In case you have spotted a wasp nest in your home or office recently, then you need to take immediate action and get rid of that right away. We at Pestico Pest Control Geelong are here to help you with our expert team of experienced professionals and advanced methods. We have a proficient and dedicated team of professionals who offer quick wasp removal treatments in Geelong with best results. You must remember that wasps can be a lot problematic for you as their stings can cause much pain and also result in fatality due to the anaphylactic reaction which they create. Our professionals can offer their services even on the same day of booking. They will examine the condition of wasp infestation in your home and then carry out the necessary action which is necessary for wasp removal. Pestico Pest Control Geelong offer wasp removal services both in residential as well in commercial properties to help the owners in eliminating the unwanted wasps.  At Pestico Pest Control Geelong, we work hard for solving your problems through our professional services. To schedule an appointment as per your convenient time, call us now.

    Types Of Wasp Nests

    Wasps create annoyance in your property and also pose a threat to your health. We have given some types of wasp nests which are commonly found

    Ground wasp nests – These wasps dig the ground for building their nests You can easily spot such nests near your homes or office.

    Paper Nests – Such nests are built by the species named as the European Paper Wasp and Asian Giant Hornet. These nests can be found near canals of residential or commercial property.

    Mud Daubers – These nests are built with mud and can create an irritation through their sting.

    Read On And Know About Some Eminent Tips Which You Can Use For Preventing Or Treating And Eradicating Wasps From Your Home Or Office.

    The ideal way to eliminate the wasps is by hiring the expert wasp controllers who can employ advanced methods to assure best results.  Also, here are some methods which can prevent infestation of wasps in your property. Read on to understand them in a proper manner.

    • Make sure that your garbage is packed tightly.
    • Make sure that your garbage bag is not kept near windows.
    • Cover and block all the possible entry and exit corners with mesh barriers.
    • If you spot any wasp nest near your home or office, then call professional pest controllers right away.
    • Keep a check on your surroundings for wasp infestation.

    What Are The Main Things Which Can You Need To Know About Wasp Infestation?

    • These pests are spotted in all parts of world except Polar Regions.
    • Stings of wasps are poisonous and can result in swelling in case of a bite.
    • Wasps create pheromone in air post death for securing their mates.
    • Wasps can sleep or hibernate while hanging with their teeth.
    • Wasps are tinier than hornets.

    Why Is Eliminating Wasps Necessary?

    Wasps cannot be easily eliminating as even a slight noise can make them alert and they can bite you as a defense.
    A wasp sting is a lot painful and you need immediate medical assistance.
    Wasps are much active than bees, they target people even if they pass through their nests.
    Wasp stings can create allergic reaction in humans.

    Here Is The Process Followed By Our Professionals For Wasp Removal Geelong

    Our experienced and proficient professionals, who provide same day wasp removal services in Geelong, make sure that it is done effectively and safely. Here is the process which is followed by our experts at Pestico Pest Control Geelong to make your property pest free in minimal time.


    Right after you see that you are having a wasp infestation in your property, give us a call and narrate your problem to our representative. Our expert will visit the site and carry out a thorough examination of your property to understand the spots and levels of wasp infestation in your place.  Also our expert wasp controllers check the basic sources from where the wasps have entered your property. This can help you to block the entry points and keep your premises clean.

    Treatment plan

    Post inspection, our experts will chalk down a plan which is necessary for eliminating the wasps from your property.  Then they will carry out your customized wasp control treatment on the same day of booking. They will make sure that all the products used are organic and safe for your family and pets.

    Attention towards safety measures

    For eliminating the wasps, we utilize products such as the bug sprays, splashes, and non-concoction treatment. The mixture of products is decided based on the level of wasp infestation in your property. At Pestico Pest Control Geelong, we focus on protecting the security of our clients and for this, we use only selected and branded cleaning solutions that are secure and safe for your family and pets.  We also offer immediate services for clients in Geelong.

    Post service inspection and guidelines for prevention

    After executing the wasp removal service, our experts will visit your site again for checking whether the treatment has got the expected results.  We undertake complete annihilation of wasps. For this, we are working all the day long. Also, all our services are carried out through skilled and qualified professionals and are affordable. We also suggest you to eliminate all the material which can attract the wasps and promote their infestation in your commercial or residential property.  Also we offer important tips to you for preventing the outgrowth of wasps and their infestation in your residential or commercial property.

    So are you anxious about having a wasp infestation in your home? Then contact us and schedule an appointment right away.

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